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Added Touch Celebration, Inc. has USDA permits to provide Tennessee with live Monarch Butterflies for release. When you buy butterflies online for your Tennessee event, you will be e-mailed a copy of your butterfly order. Please look over your order and verify accuracy. At least two days before the butterfly release, you will receive a notification from FEDEX with your tracking information. Because FEDEX has their main sort center in Memphis, Tennessee, butterfly delivery in Tennessee is excellent. Most major cities in Tennessee will receive the live butterflies the day before the event before 10:30 am, however rural area’s may have delivery as late as 4:30 pm.

Understand that a successful butterfly releases requires an outdoor temperature of at least 62°F. The temperature in Knoxville, TN characteristically reaches 62°F from late March through the end of October. When purchasing Monarch butterflies, please be understand that it is the butterfly  buyers’ responsibility to confirm that the weather is suitable for a Monarch butterfly release.

When planning a destination wedding during the summer in Gatlinburg Tenessee you can have your butterflies shipped directly to your hotel.

Buying butterflies to enjoy a peaceful encounter in the outdoors is an extraordinary way to remember those that you love.  Mr. Butterflies provides vibrant Monarch Butterflies for release in Tennessee for all life changing events


Wedding chapel in Gatlinburg tenessee

baptism in Nashville Tenessee followed by the release of live butterflies  

Buying butterflies for release  at a baptism, a Quince, a Confirmation, a Funeral, a Memorial, a Birthday, or at a Graduation will add meaning to your life changing event.
 Whenever possible, Mr Butterflies will ship into Tennessee so that the Monarch Butterflies will arrive the day before the release.


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