How does it work?

How does a Butterfly Release Work?

After you place your order with Added Touch Celebration, Inc. either online or by phone you will be sent Confirmation by E-mail within 48 hours.  Please review the information on your confirmation e-mail. Contact us immediately if you do not receive this confirmation e-mail or if the information on this e-mail is incorrect. Then at least two days before your event or on the day that we ship, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking information for your butterflies.
We will ship fully developed Butterflies via Overnight Express to arrive the Day Before the special Event.  The Butterflies will be resting soundly in the cool environment of the insulated cooler, designed specifically to protect them during shipping. Each of our farm raised butterflies are fed just prior to packaging and will be ready to take flight at just the right time during your release.
Your responsibility will be to examine the Butterflies upon their arrival and then store the butterflies in a cool dark environment until it is time for the butterfly release.

What are the different Types of Butterfly Releases?

An Individual Butterfly Release:
The butterflies will be shipped in individual envelopes or boxes. The envelopes containing the butterflies can be passed out to your participating guests at an appropriate time.  Your guests open their individual Butterfly Release envelope and watch the vibrant Monarch Butterflies emerge as they are released into the sky.
A mass butterfly release:
The Butterflies are all released from one source in mass. Baskets, boxes and cages are the most common accessories used when releasing butterflies in Mass.
Using a display cage: The butterflies need to be gently transferred from the shipping envelopes into the cage. The cage should be able to accommodate the number of butterflies you have ordered. Once inside the display cage, the butterflies may be fed by placing a cotton ball that has been soaked with Gatorade or sugar water at the bottom of the cage.  If it is a warm day the butterflies will also need to be misted.  Bring a spray bottle full of water and give them a spray through the netting every 30 minutes or so.  Never place them in the direct sunlight.
Using one of our Accordion Style release boxes:
(Also known as the instant release box) This box accommodates the butterflies to be shipped ready to release in mass. The monarch butterflies are placed in a resting state in the folds of a ribbon. When the ribbon is pulled, the butterflies are forced into flight.
Using one of our exclusive "Easy Transfer" release boxes:
This box was designed to accommodate those that are transferring Butterflies for the first time. Easy to use and stress free for the butterflies. This box allows the butterflies to fly up and out at will and is recommended in all temperatures about 60°.
Using a Homemade mass release box: The envelopes can be opened and the butterflies placed inside a release box. Be sure to put some paper toweling on the bottom of the box so the butterflies have something to hang onto.  Place a damp folded paper towel on the bottom of the box. Try to keep the lid of the box adjusted so the butterflies cannot take flight from your hand while you are opening the envelopes. This can best be accomplished in a dark, cool room and having a large piece of tulle available to cover the box opening while you are transferring the butterflies from the shipping envelopes to the box. If the butterflies do take flight, they will head for the sun or brightest light. Gently cup your hand over the butterfly and place it in the box. When all butterflies have been placed inside the box, close the lid. You may wish to place the tulle netting over the box (under the lid) so the butterflies can be seen with little chance of their escaping. The butterflies will rest for many hours in this box. Prior to the release, place the box in an area of warmth for at least an hour. However, do not overheat, as there may be no ventilation in your release box. Never place the box in direct sunlight.
Using individual release envelopes: If you are releasing from the shipping envelopes, place the envelopes in a basket and distribute them to your friends and family from the basket. The envelopes are easily opened and if the butterflies are warm enough, they will take flight. If they have not been warmed sufficiently, the butterflies may take a while to actually begin their flights.


There is no need to worry ...
Each Farm-raised butterfly is fed and exercised just prior to packaging and will be eager to fly when released.  All we ask is that you keep your Butterflies in a cool dark place until just prior to your Butterfly Release.
Full instructions specific to your Butterfly Release plans will be included with the shipment.


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