Funeral & Memorial Packages


Whether planning a Life Celebration, a funeral service or a memorial service Mr. Butterflies understands you want speed, professionalism and presentation. We strive to provide you with Butterflies at this difficult time. We can usually ship butterflies out on the same day that they are ordered. When time allows, 24 hours between the placement of the order and the time of shipment, we can add that special customization that you desire to celebrate the Life of your loved one.

Monarch Butterfly Release Packages
for funeral and memorial services

Mass Monarch Butterfly release options
A mass release is when all the Monarch Butterflies are
released from one container.

Funeral Butterfly Release Rose Collection A.  An accordion style butterfly release box with angel.
The Rose Collection Package A
Has been our best selling option for the last 10 years. It includes Fifteen Large Monarch Butterflies in an accordion style Mass Release Box decorated with a crystal angel. No transferring of butterflies is required. Just pull the ribbon to release the butterflies.
Rose A
small blue accordion mass butterfly release box We now offer accordion style mass release boxes in two sizes and several different colors. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ACCORDION MASS RELEASE BOX OPTIONS.
butterfly release display cage Our elegant butterfly release cages add beauty and grace to your butterfly release. Our cage is very easy to load and release, as the front door is fully functioning, and the top is on a latch and hinge.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE CAGE OPTIONS.
popup mass butterfly release container The Pop-up Mass butterfly release container is an affordable last minute option. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.
cardstock chest style mass release box Cardstock chest style mass butterfly release boxes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Individual Butterfly Release Options
An individual butterfly release is when the butterflies are passed out to individuals who participate in the butterfly release.

Customized Individual butterfly release envelopes Plenty of room for photo and text. Place your order and e-mail us the photo and text. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.
triangular individual butterfly release box Our elegant cardstock individual triangle release boxes.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
square cardstock individual butterfly release boxes. The square individual release boxes have room for photo and text. Available in white or ivory. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.
personalized individual butterfly release envelopes.

With a minimum order of 12 our text only personalized envelopes are the affordable option.  ORDER OFF OUR COUPON INFO PAGE.


* Please note that the shipping quote covers the shipping of your live butterflies in an insulated cooler via FedEx Overnight priority weekday delivery.
For Saturday Delivery: Choose the Saturday option at checkout. Saturday delivery charges add $15.00


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