Butterfly Release Massachusetts

We have USDA permits to ship our live Monarch butterflies to North Carolina

Mr. Butterflies provides Live Monarchs to the state of Massachusetts. When you buy butterflies online for your Massachusetts release, you will be e-mailed a copy of your butterfly order. Please look over your order and confirm correctness.

Then on the day that we ship, usually two days before the butterfly release, you will receive an e-mail from FEDEX with your tracking information. Most major cities in Massachusetts will receive the live butterflies the day before the event sometime before 10:30 a.m.
Understand that a successful butterfly releases requires an outdoor temperature of at least 62°F.   The temperature in Boston, MA typically reaches 62°F from early May through the end of September. When purchasing Monarch butterflies, please be understand that it is the buyers’ responsibility to verify that the weather is suitable for a Monarch butterfly release.

This wonderful photo of a Wedding butterfly release in Springfield, Massachusetts was provided courtesy of the IBBA

"Bouley Photographers, Agawam, MA


bride & flower girl sharing a butterfly release in Springfield Massachusetts.

You can buy butterflies to have a quiet moment with nature or you can order our live monarchs to empress your guests, Mr. Butterflies provides Large Monarch Butterfly for release in Massachusetts for all life changing events.

beautiful girl releases monarch butterfly near Virginia beach.   Consider having butterflies at a baptism, butterflies at a Quince, butterflies at a Confirmation, Butterflies at a Funeral, a Butterfly Memorial, butterflies at a Birthday, butterflies at a Graduation or just a Butterflies theme party. Whenever possible, Mr Butterflies will ship into Massachusetts so that the Monarch Butterflies will arrive the day before the release.


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