Continental Divide

USDA Regulations

The USDA does not permit the shipment of Monarch Butterflies intended for environmental release across the continental Divide.
The Continental Divide passes through the following states; Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.
Monarch butterflies originating EAST of the Continental Divide must be released east of the divide, and Monarchs originating West of the Divide must remain west.

Continental Divide:  The USDA does not permit the transport of Monarch Butterflies across the Continental Divide.



These regulation respects the migratory patterns of the Monarch Butterfly. Please see for more information about the migrations of Monarch Butterflies.

We ship our Monarch Butterflies to all States EAST of the Continental Divide.
Please note that the state of Montana does not allow Monarch butterfly releases in their state and that the state of New York has special restrictions on the import of Monarch Butterflies to their state, please e-mail to determine availability to NY before placing your order.

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