Other butterfly release options.


Personalized Glassine Envelopes

Available is quantities of 12 and over. Order from our "by the butterfly" page.

Customized Glassine Envelopes

Plenty of room for photo and text.

Triangular Boxes

The most formal presentation.
includes 2 lines of text..

Individual Square boxes

Available in white and ivory. Our square cardstock boxes have room for a photo.


Individual Cardstock Triangles
The most formal option for your individual wedding butterfly release.


Our white wedding triangular butterfly release boxes are for those wanting to add more elegants to their individual butterfly release.  The area for print is rather small allowing room for up to three short lines of text. Please place your desired text in the comments box on the shipping page during check out.


Traditional Message

With only 2-3 lines to work with consider a traditional message. Names & the date is traditional. You can also make it fun and tell your guests something special about the bride and groom.


Open triangular Box

The triangular box is held closed with a silicone band that must be stretched and pull off at release time.  While this is not difficult, young children and people with arthritis may require help.


Name and Dates

By far the most popular text chosen is name and dates.  However, there is no right or wrong when choosing your text.  Your message should be something meaningful to your family.

Triangle individual butterfly release box
18 Monarch butterflies in triangular butterfly release boxes. $180.00

DO YOU NEED MORE THAN 18 BUTTERFLIES? Order additional Monarch Butterflies for your individual triangle box release.......... $9.00 EACH.

The USDA only allows up to 250 Monarch Butterflies be released in per release.