Other butterfly release options.


Personalized Glassine Envelopes

Available is quantities of 12 and over. Order from our "by the butterfly" page.

Customized Glassine Envelopes

Plenty of room for photo and text.

Triangular Boxes

The most formal presentation.
includes 2 lines of text..

Individual Square boxes

Our square cardstock boxes have room for a photo.


Wedding Square Individual Butterfly Release Box
The cardstock squares can display photos or poems .


The square cardstock individual butterfly release box includes photo & text. A fter you place your order you will receive an e-mail with your Order number.  Please reply to this e-mail with the picture and text that you would like to put on the Square butterfly release box.  Once I have verified that the picture will work, I will e-mail you to let you know.  Please include your name, order number and event date in all correspondence.


Traditional Message or
Simply something fun

Plenty of room for photo and text. Email me with desired photo and text.


Open Square Individual
Butterfly Release box.

The square cardstock box opens completely to release your monarch butterfly.


Back of Square Individual
Butterfly Release box.

Our square cardstock boxes are very easy to open. Just slide the flap..

Triangle individual butterfly release box
18 Monarch butterflies in square butterfly release boxes. $180.00

DO YOU NEED MORE THAN 18 BUTTERFLIES? Order additional Monarch Butterflies for your individual square box release.......... $9.00 EACH.

The USDA only allows up to 250 Monarch Butterflies be released in per release.