Customer Reviews:

Leanne - Hays, Kansas:
"I simply must thank you for the gorgeous Monarchs!  I cannot express my gratitude for the sense of urgency you placed on my order, as I know it was last minute for my step-father’s memorial service. As I mentioned on the phone, he and my mother have had a butterfly way-station garden for several years and greatly enjoyed watching their journey.  Thank you for your promptness in returning my call, shipping the butterflies and the thorough instructions on caring for them properly.  The entire process was seamless and was a very special part of the service."

Julie - Mount Prospect, Illinois:
"I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful butterflies. Their color was gorgeous and everyone just loved them. Thank you so much."

Jessica - Davenport, Iowa:
"I was extremely pleased with the outcome of our purchase of live butterflies. It made my wedding so much more magical. The Monarchs all flowed through the wind after we walked out of the church. The butterfly release was aboslutely beautiful. Everyone's jaw dropped in awww. I have a feeling people will still be talking about it for years to come  

Chuck - Vernon Hills, Illinois:
 "The butterflies arrived, as promised, on Friday morning.  They were in perfect condition and your instructions for how to take care of them were great.
The wedding ceremony was awesome and everyone was awestruck when we had the grandchildren release the butterflies.  No one had any idea what was going on.  The reverend recited the Native American story and than, to everyone’s surprise, the butterflies were released.  The grand kids did not even know what was in the boxes so they were thrilled too.
Thank you for being everything that you advertised that you were."

Peggy - Neptune, New Jersey:
 "Oh my God, the event was beyond awesome.  Everyone was begging us to do it again  next year.  The butterflies were great.  Some of them flew away real fast while others hung around for a while.  We had one that stayed on a yellow rose for over an hour.  What makes them fly away fast verses hanging around ?  You are doing a wonderful service to the world.  We will be in touch next year.  You are wonderful in every way and your support was above and beyond ."

 Bindia - Laural, Maryland:
 "All of the butterflies for my wedding arrived safe and sound.  The release went beautifully, with rave reviews from the guests. Thank you so much for allowing me to add this beautiful tradition to my wedding."

Karl - Detroit, Michigan:
 "Butterflies were a wonderful addition to a very special memorial service for my father. He was a United Methodist minister and one of his most memorable sermons was titled, "New Beginnings". In it he explains the symbolism of the life and metamorphosis of the Monarch caterpillar into a Monarch butterfly, just as the life and ultimate resurrection of Jesus Christ. The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed the butterfly release, so much so I referred several people to your web site. Thanks again,"

Laurie - Woodbury, Connecticut:
"Thank you so much for the promptness and added touch of the printed envelopes. Our confirmation was such a success ! Those confirmed enjoyed freeing a butterfly and watching it land on someone in the crowd or a nearby flower in the garden at the church. I so appreciate you diligence in this service, and the prompt service I received.   Wow!
It truly made our event special and I have given your name to a few people now. Thanks Again !"

 Sharon - West Palm Beach, Florida:
 "Thank you so much for providing the educational package to my class. I had never had the opportunity to watch the entire process from egg to butterfly before. The children learned a lot and even the parents were checking out their daily progress. We had a Butterfly release on the last day of school. It was awesome. Thanks again."

Suzanne - Greenboro, North Carolina:
 "When I released the butterflies it brought tears to my eyes, but they were happy tears. For, I saw the butterflies taking flight as my mother-in-law being freed from the wheelchair and pain that she had been in for the last few years."

 Steve - Des Moines, Iowa:
 "Everything was great! The butterflies made the trip in fine shape and the experience was even better than we had expected!"

Linda - Boston, Massachusetts:
 "All 100 butterflies arrived in excellent shape. We will be contacting you again next time we need butterflies."

Kelli - Lantana, Florida:
 "The butterflies stayed around for about twenty minutes. We really enjoyed watching them. One of them landed on the baby and stayed there for the longest time."

 Eva - Houston, Texas:
 "Everything was perfect...the release was beautiful. This was the first time in our small town that this was done. My son was a special little boy, and his departing was very special. Now everyone wants butterflies at there services. Thank you so much. Will pass your name on."

Terry - Port St Lucie, Florida:
"Thank you so much for providing the butterflies on such short notice. The velvet covered release box that you designed for my son was so beautiful. I will keep it with his special things. Thanks again."


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