Terms of Sale


Effective January 1, 2023, the following terms and conditions will apply to all orders of Live Butterflies for Release. When you place your order, the customer (you) acknowledges that you have read, that you understand, and that you agree to the following terms and conditions:


I. Live Butterfly Guarantee:
Added Touch Celebration, Inc. (hereinafter ATCI) guarantees that you will receive live and healthy butterflies for your event. As a precaution and good customer service, ATCI always includes at least one extra butterfly with every order. The customer can determine the quantity shipped by looking under the shipping box flap. In the event that more than the extra butterflies supplied should arrive expired, ATCI will give a pro-rated refund per butterfly only if the customer follows the following procedure:
The customer notifies ATCI of any problems by e-mail or phone within 2 days of the event; and all expired butterflies are sent back to ATCI within 10 days (postmarked within 10 business days) of the event. First class mail addressed to Added Touch Celebration, Inc. at 6100 Southern Road South, West Palm Beach, FL 33415 is acceptable. ATCI reiterates that it will not issue a refund under any circumstance unless the expired butterflies themselves are physically sent back to ATCI at the aforementioned address.

II. Arrival Guarantees:
Subject to the following exceptions, ATCI guarantees that the butterflies will arrive in time for your event.
A. Tuesday Event Dates, Event Dates within Two Days of a Holiday.
If your event date falls on a date in which MrButterflies must wait until the day before to ship, MrButterflies CANNOT guarantee that your butterflies will arrive in time for your scheduled release. For this reason, MrButterflies will not accept orders for butterfly releases scheduled to take place before 1:00p.m.
B. Extreme Weather delays
If your order arrives late or is delayed due to "Extreme Weather" as deemed by the carrier:  If this said "extreme weather" delays or stops the carrier from providing timely transportation of butterflies, you (the customer) agree not to hold ATCI responsible for the late order and you understand that a refund will not be issued for such an order. This exclusion applies for example to a hurricane closing airports here in Florida after the Butterflies have been shipped, or the closing of an airport due to weather or another emergency along the route the package is shipped. Please note that shipping insurance cannot be purchased, because the shipping companies will not insure the transit of live animals or any perishable goods. This is the shipping companies’ policy. Furthermore, the shipping companies do not issue refunds on the shipping costs when the delay is due to circumstances beyond their control
C. Customer Negligence
If the customer provides ATCI with an incorrect or incomplete address, or no one is at the address to receive the order, then ATCI will accept no responsibility for the order. Additionally, no refund will be issued for the butterflies or shipping costs. 
D. Notification of Carrier Error
If the package does not arrive in time for the event due to shipping errors: We will refund your money for returned Butterflies only if you contact Added Touch Celebration, Inc at 561-313-1450 within 90 minutes of the carrier’s committed delivery time, so that We can contact the shipper and attempt to get your package to its destination. Often the shippers can correct their mistakes if notified early in the day. If no attempt has been made to contact me, no refund will be made. (You will be e-mailed your shipping information--carrier, tracking number and delivery commitment time on the day that we ship, please have this information available when you contact me.) Please remember that the carrier commitment time is a “by” which time the package is supposed to be delivered and the package may arrive at any time prior to the commitment time.
E. Customer fails to place the order at least two days prior to the Release Date.
It is the practice of ATCI to ship the butterflies to arrive the day before the event. This gives ATCI time to correct any problems and get the package delivered in time for your event. When a last minute order is placed we will strive to get the butterflies to you in time for the event, but cannot guarantee delivery in time for your planned release.

III. Weather Guarantee and Cancellations:
ATCI allows limited weather related cancellations. The cancellation must be made at least four days prior to your event date. For example, if the event is on a Saturday, the cancellation must be made by Tuesday 5pm, EST. Cancellations can be made via email at Susan@MrButterflies.com or by phone 561-313-1450. Weather conditions however, will be verified by ATCI. If weather conditions are indeed unfavorable, ATCI will issue a refund minus a 10% handling fee for the order. Any cancellation requests after this four (4) day window will not be accepted. If the customer chooses not to cancel the order due to weather conditions or fails to check on weather conditions, then the customer cannot hold ATCI responsible for the unfavorable weather. If the butterflies do not fly because of the weather (cold, rain, dark etc.) it is not ATCI’s responsibility and no refund will be issued. Furthermore NO Refunds for COLD weather will be issued outside of Florida between October 10th and April 1st as this time of year is seasonally TOO cold for Butterfly releases in most of the U.S.

IV. Non-Weather Cancellations:
For all non-weather related cancellations, a 10% fee will be applied to the entire order before the refund is issued. However no order may be cancelled within 14 days of the event (except for weather as set forth above).

V. Other Issues Pertaining to Orders:
Customer must contact ATCI within five (5) business days of the event to report any errors with the order, (receiving the wrong packaging or the wrong butterflies etc). ATCI will make a price adjustment. An email, letter in the mail, or phone message will be sufficient. Also note if the customer contacts ATCI immediately upon receipt of the order and notes the error, ATCI will make every effort to correct the issue.

VII. Refunds:
All credits, refunds or adjustments (in accordance with the above terms and conditions) will generally be issued within ten (10) business days.



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