Washington DC

Butterfly Release Washington DC

DC permits butterflies releases of up to 250.

We ship Monarch butterflies via overnight delivery to Washington DC. Buying Butterflies for release in Washington DC is limited to the warm months. You can plan on a successful butterfly release when the outside temperature is at least 62°F

The temperature in Washington DC traditionally exceeds 62°F from April through October. When buying butterflies, please understand that it is the customers’ obligation to verify that the forecasted weather is suitable for a Monarch butterfly release.

The only thing more beautiful than a Washington DC Cherry blossom is a Washington DC cherry blossom being visited by a Monarch Butterfly.  Say “Hello” to spring with a Monarch butterfly release to celebrate.
Whether for a wedding, baptism, confirmation or graduation nothing says transformation like the beauty attained by releasing live Monarch Butterflies.

Young lady releasing monarch butterfly.


We have Butterflies for sale in Washington DC for all events. Take a look at our premium presentation packages.  Mr. Butterflies provides presentations for butterfly weddings, butterfly memorials, butterfly funerals and all butterfly events.

When planning a butterfly release it is important to note that monarch butterflies have difficulty flying should their body temperature be below 60°. For this reason Mr Butterflies advises their clients, not to order butterfly for a time and in a place where the average daily high temperature is not expected to be 65° or warmer. Please use the "Weather Channel" link to check the average daily temperatures where you are planning to release the butterflies.
For our clients needing butterflies shipped out immediately for a Funeral, from April through October Mr Butterflies is usually able to ship out butterflies on the same day that they are ordered. .


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