Map of Rhode Island
We have a USDA permit to ship Monarch Butterflies for release to Rhode Island.  Rhode Island has  an average temperatures above 62°F from May through the middle of October.

You may safely plan celebrating with a Rhode Island butterfly release anytime the outside temperature is above 62°F and there is no prediction of a hard freeze in the forecast.

Springtime in Providence, Rhode Island is dazzling. Envision adding even extra magnificence to the flowering trees, azaleas, and violet with a Rhode Island butterfly release.
Releasing Live Monarch Butterflies in Rhode Island during the spring will fill the skies with much needed pollinators. 

Consider having a Monarch butterfly release graduation, a butterfly release wedding or just doing a butterfly release for the beauty of it

Mr. Butterflies is owned and operated by Veterans. We support those who have sacrificed for our country. We offer special discounts to veterans and their families. Please contact us 561-313-1450 to find out what discount you qualify for.

Special discounts for veterans and veteran's families

I wanted to send our sincerest thanks on behalf of My Entire Family.  I contacted you at 5:00 pm on Thursday in an urgent rush to obtain butterflies for my aunt's unexpected passing.  Not only did you bring an instant assurance that this last-minute idea was possible, but you delivered the butterflies seamlessly the following morning, as promised. 
I must admit we had our doubts that this butterfly release would go smoothly and as planned, as none of us had experienced this before.  I am pleased to report the release this morning after the funeral service went beautifully! We could not have asked for a more perfect ending to the life of someone who touched so many lives as not only an aunt, a mother, a friend, and a teacher to many students. Butterflies held a special place in my aunt's heart and were a perfect symbol of both her life and her passing. Even more special, her two children initiated the release and one of the butterflies lingered around the both of them, landing on each of them for several minutes after the release. It was truly a special and most meaningful moment for all of us.
On behalf of our very large family, we thank you again for your VERY quick and efficient delivery of these beautiful creatures. This tribute is something we will all remember for years to come! THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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