Missouri butterfly release.


MrButterflies has a USDA permit to ship Live Monarch Butterflies for release into Missouri. Missouri has average daily temperatures above 62°F from April through the End of September. You may safely plan a butterfly release in Missouri anytime the outside temperature is above 62°F.

Plan a butterfly release to commemorate all life altering occasions. Missouri butterfly releases often take place at transformational events such as: Weddings, life celebrations, life unions, quince birthdays, and baptisms or anytime a exceptional touch is wanted.

A beautiful Summer butterfly release photo shoot in Missouri. A Wedding kiss in front of the St. Louis Archway.

Added Touch Celebration, Inc. provides Live Monarch Butterflies for release in Missouri. Consider having butterfly nuptials, a butterfly funeral, a butterfly memorial service, a butterfly birthday, a butterfly quince, a butterfly graduation or just a butterfly theme party


When planning a butterfly release it is important to note that monarch butterflies have difficulty flying should their body temperature be below 60°. For this reason Mr Butterflies advises their clients, not to order butterfly for a time and in a place where the average daily high temperature is not expected to be 65° or warmer. Please use the "Weather Channel" link to check the average daily temperatures where you are planning to release the butterflies.
For our clients needing butterflies shipped out immediately for a Funeral, from April through October Mr Butterflies is usually able to ship out butterflies on the same day that they are ordered.
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