Butterfly Release Alabama Yes, We have a USDA permit to ship Live Monarch Butterflies to Louisiana. Louisiana being one of our southernmost states make it an ideal candidate for butterfly releases. Consider having an Louisiana butterfly release anytime the outside temperature is above 62°F.
While butterfly releases are enjoyed by all ages. Children get a very special lift from releasing live monarch butterflies. Louisiana is a special state in that the warm gulf air makes Louisiana a desirable location to plan a butterfly release year round. Anytime a life transformation is celebrated butterflies are a welcomed addition.   girl enjoying a monarch butterfly release in louisiana.
Monarch butterflies often stay around after a butterfly release as they did during this funeral butterfly release in Baton Rouge Louisiana   Consider having a butterfly release to celebrate all life changing events. Louisiana butterfly releases often take place at Weddings, life celebrations, life unions, quince birthdays, baptisms and anytime a special touch is desired at a transformational event.


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