Connecticut butterfly release
Yes, We have a USDA permit to ship Monarch Butterflies for exhibit to Connecticut. Connecticut no longer permits the environmental release of out of state farm raised Monarch Butterflies. Please enjoy your Monarch Butterflies in an enclosure and dispose of them after they perish. Connecticut has an average temperatures above 62°F with the minimal change of a Freeze from Mid May through the End of September. You may safely consider having a Connecticut butterfly experience anytime the outside temperature is above 62°F and there is no possibility of a hard freeze in the forecast.

Elizabeth Park was willed to the City of Hartford Connecticut to be used as a horticultural park by Charles M. Pond. The City hired Theodore Wirth, who as the first Superintendent of the property created a rose garden to please the public. The park consists of over 100 acres of gardens, pathways, greenhouses, ponds and recreation areas, but the Rose Garden is still the center piece of Elizabeth Park.

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