Shipping Live Butterflies

Unless otherwise agreed, all butterflies are shipped via FedEx Overnight Priority to arrive the day BEFORE the release. For Sunday and Monday events, there is an additional charge to cover the cost of FedEX sending a Vehicle out on Saturday. If the event is on a Monday, Tuesday, or the day after a holiday, a same day delivery may be necessary.
Our “arrive in time for the event guarantee” is subject to the above shipping method.  Should you choose to ship the butterflies to arrive the day of your event, we will make every effort to get them to the destination on time, but we do NOT provide a money back guarantee.


To protect the butterflies during shipping and storage, the butterflies are shipped in a cooler via FEDEX overnight priority. It is the customer’s responsibility to bring the butterflies inside as soon as they arrive and to follow the provided instructions.

While the price of shipping may vary depending on the package ordered, below is a guideline to help you calculate your shipping costs.

Shipping Rate for ALL STATE east of the Rocky Mountains
Quantity of Live Butterflies
12 - 27
28 - 71
72 - 149
150 - 189
190 & Up
Weekday Delivery
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Saturday Delivery or Pickup*
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Shipping Rate for Shipment within the State of Florida
Weekday Delivery within Florida
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Sat Delivery or Pickup* Within FL
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* Sunday and Monday Events REQUIRE SATURDAY SURCHARGE!

Customer Responsibilities:
Please be aware that butterflies are living creatures and that it is the customers responsibility to care for them between the time they arrive and the time that they are released. Please have someone at the destination address looking out for the Carrier. It is critical that the butterflies be brought inside as soon as they arrive. You will be emailed tracking information on your package on or before the date that we ship. Unless otherwise agreed packages are shipped to arrive the day before the event via FedEx Overnight Priority. As a general rule, most major cities have a 10:30 a.m. commitment time, surrounding areas have a by NOON commitment time and rural America has a 4:30 p.m. commitment time. Please note that commitment times are not a point in time and that the butterflies may be delivered any time prior to the commitment time.
While Carrier error is rare it does happen and it is up to the customer's responsibility to notify ATCI immediately should a package be late or not arrive. Sometimes it is best for the customer to call FedEx directly as they are more familiar with the destination area. FedEx can be called directly at 1 (800) GOFEDEX, that’s 18004633339. Once you are connected keep repeating the word representative until you are connected with a breathing human being. FedEx is usually excellent at correcting problems. Be sure to get a case number before hanging up.
When you receive your butterflies:
·Your butterflies have been packed to insure they can handle the bumps and thumps of shipping.
· Please open your cardboard box. Inside you will find instructions and a small Styrofoam cooler. Open the cooler and you will be able to see the box or envelopes containing your butterflies. Locate and remove the ice packs (sometimes the ice pack is located underneath a false bottom) and refreeze the ice pack in your freezer. You may use your own ice pack or if necessary frozen vegetables placed in a sandwich bag to replace the ice pack. Exchange ice packs upon arrival then every morning and evening.
· Check the package for any damage that may have occurred during shipping and let us know immediately if there is a problem. We will do what we can to make it right.
· You may check each butterfly by warming it up in your hand, holding it up to a light then looking through the glassine envelope for movement.
If you have chosen envelopes that you cannot see through, hold the box up to your ear and listen for the movement of tiny kicking feet. You may notice a little bit of liquid on or around your butterflies. This is not blood, but residue from their supplemental diet. It is nothing to worry about.
· Be sure to replace the lid of the Styrofoam box every time you walk away from it. This is important! Your butterflies need to be kept cool and in the dark so they sleep while they are in the box. If your release is taking place more than 2 days after you receive your butterflies, they must be feed.

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