Cold Weather Instructions



Instructions for Cold Weather Butterfly Releases

Locate the Freeze Pack. You may need to remove or disassemble any shipping materials, (popcorn, etc.). It is important that the shipping materials be put back after.
Check the Freeze Pack. If it is not cool, then place the Freeze Pack in the freezer. Times may vary. Once it is refrozen, return it to the shipping container.
Store in a room set at approximately 72ºF. In very cool or rainy weather, store them in a room with a closed door, or on carpet, but do not directly heat them in any way!

    Caution: Do not heat them. Do not apply direct heat.

    Now that you have inspected and attended to the Freeze Pack, you will at some point in the day need to recheck the pack to insure it is still cold. Refreeze if necessary. However, if the weather forecast is predicting cool weather, see the below sections. Traveling? Then transport your butterflies in the Original Shipping Container. If travel is long, or the ceremony/party is in the afternoon or evening of the next day, then refreeze the pack the night before and replace it in the morning. Avoid leaving your butterflies in direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to high heat.

Do not leave your butterflies in a hot car or door step!

    Cold is considered less than 60F (15.6 Celsius) or Rainy.  Keep the butterflies in a warm room (70-72F) while the ceremony or party is taking place for as long as possible. If you need to, a space heater in a closed room will be sufficient to bring the room temperature to about 75-80F. So, If you are comfortable, they are comfortable.

    Fly Away…! The time draws near! So, 1-2 hours prior to the Release time, remove the butterfly triangles from the Original Shipping Container. Display them in a basket. Or be creative! You may hear a bit of movement, do not be alarmed, they are living creatures and this is perfectly normal.
    Ideas, Suggestions!
If you want to position a butterfly for close-up photos of your choice, or even place them in a larger box for a mass release, simply place the desired number of butterflies (kept in their original boxes) into the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes. This brings down their body temperature. You will have approximately 30 seconds before each butterfly warms up enough to take flight!

Instructions are available online 24/7 for download.


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