Order over 15 Monarch Butterflies today for your summer event and save 15% website wide. To qualify you must place your order for at least 15 Monarch Butterflies at least 15 weeks before the release. Use coupon code 2023SAVE15 at the bottom of the shopping cart page.

**This special must be ordered ONLINE at least 4 weeks before your event. Place the coupon code 4B4CAGE in the coupon box to save 20%

The Palladium Butterfly Wedding Package

Butterfly release wedding collection Quince A.  An Accordion style release box with white rose decor.

This Wedding butterfly release package includes 75 Vibrant Monarch Butterflies in our Extra Large Butterfly display Cage.

Due to supply line interruptions the cage sent may not be identical to the cage pictured.
Additional Monarch Butterflies with this Package $9.00. Ordering additional butterflies may increase shipping costs.

Special Butterfly Release Presentations

Monarch Butterflies for weddings
Funeral butterflies
butterfly release for all  occasions


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