More mass butterfly release options.


Butterfly AccordionButterfly accordion style mass release box.

Order from our "by the butterfly" page.

The minimum quantity of butterflies is 12


We now offer many display cage options Butterfly display cage

Elegant butterfly display cage.


Pop-up Boxes
Available for last minute shipping


Card stock chest release box cardstock black chest butterfly release box

Available in black and silver.


Accordion Style Mass Release Boxes

The Accordion is preloaded. At release time just pull the ribbon.

The accordion style mass release box it by far our most popular butterfly release container. It is a hand-held metal frame organza box.  The small accordion has one compartment and can accommodate up to 25 Monarch Butterflies. The large accordion Is currently OUT OF STOCK. MrButterflies will substitute TWO SMALL ACCORDIONS to accommodate when 50 Monarch Butterflies are ordered. The butterflies are protected in the folds of an internal poly-satin ribbon allowing us to preload this style of box.  Releasing from an accordion is as easy as; warming the butterflies to room temperature, taking off the lid and pulling the internal ribbon.  As the ribbon pulls out and straightens the butterflies are lifted out of the box and pushed into flight..

We offer a large assortment of accordion mass release boxes.
Small blue accordion

Angel Accordion

15 Monarch Butterflies in our best selling angel accordion. You may order additional Butterflies with this option.

Small blue accordion

Small blue accordion

25 Monarch Butterflies in our blue accordion style mass release box decorated with a flower.

Small pink accordion release box

Small pink accordion

25 Monarch Butterflies in our pink accordion style mass release box decorated with a pink flower.

Large golden accordion

Large gold accordion

50 Monarch Butterflies in a large golden double pull accordion.



Large blue accordion release box

Large blue accordion

50 Monarch Butterflies in a large blue double pull accordion.



Large pink accordion

Large pink accordion

50 Monarch Butterflies in a large pink double pull accordion.




(If you order more than 25 Monarch Butterflies a large Angel accordion will be substituted for the small one.)

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